Fun Facts about Sarah and Angelina Grimke

Today I thought I'd share a couple of interesting tidbits I stumbled upon while researching the lives of these two famous women.

Sarah Grimke
Meet the Grimke sisters, a pair of ladies who fought for civil rights during the Victorian era. I studied them while writing 12 Sisters Who Changed History, and their lives fascinated me. They were the first female advocates of abolition and women's rights in America.

Sarah Grimke was much older than Angelina, however they always shared a special bond. Raised in South Carolina on a plantation, they witnessed slavery first hand and God ignited a fire in their hearts to abolish it. They were pivotal instruments in the anti-slavery movement in America. They even supported President Lincoln in his fight to end slavery during the Civil War.

Angelina Grimke
The two sisters were quite different in personality, and even differed greatly in their beliefs and exercise of faith, but that never drove them apart. This is one of the aspects of their lives that fascinated me the most. Sarah, for example, was very intent on finding the will of the Lord even in daily mundane tasks. She didn't trust her own judgement of such things, so she would fret and worry over whether or not she had made the right decision. Is it the Lord's will for me to sweep the house today, or should I do that tomorrow? A little extreme if you're asking my personal opinion, but I admire the intense desire to please the Lord.

Angelina on the other hand, was confident in the Holy Spirit's influence and guidance in her decisions. She would pray over a matter, make a decision, and move forward trusting that the Lord would work it out.

However, despite this interesting contrast, the two sisters had the same passion, and used the same methods of oratory and writing to advocate for their cause. The work they accomplished together makes them heroines of the American culture.

I discuss the Grimke sisters and their influence on America in more detail in 12 Sisters Who Changed History.

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