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Blessings in Stupid Mistakes

Today I'm blogging over at Stitches Thru Time! Here's an excerpt... "Amber, this is really stupid. You should have known better." I have said these words to myself many times, but particularly during my latest mishap. First, you have to know something about me: I love curly hair. I mean LOVE it. I think it is gorgeous and am known to scold people for straightening their luscious curls. It didn't take long for me to notice the common denominator in most women I considered beautiful...they all had curly hair. Add to that my obsession with the Civil War era and their perfect ringlet hairstyles and you have what is more than just a fascination with curls. That being said, it seems almost torture to me that all of my sisters have naturally curly hair, all four of them, but not me. How else do you spell n-o-t f-a-i-r? I have tried almost every method of curling my hair. Hot irons, hot rollers, wands, gels, sprays...yet after all that work, the curls com