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George Washington and His Mules

Did You Know… George Washington had many pursuits, but farming seems to have been his favorite. He was the inventor of several farming advances, such as the drill plow and threshing barn. He was also the man to introduce Mules to the United States when he bred donkeys from the King of Spain with his own horses.

Heroes of Iwo Jima

Did You Know… 27 Medals of Honor were awarded to Marines and Sailors for their bravery during the Battle of Iwo Jima. This is actually 28% of all Medals of Honor presented to Marines during WWII. Hershel Williams (pictured) is the only one of these Iwo Jima recipients' still living. #IwoJimaDay

Grover Cleveland Was Once a Hangman?

Did You Know… Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th President of the United States of America served as an executioner earlier in life. While serving as Sheriff of Erie County New York, he personally carried out multiple hangings. One was the hanging of murderer John Gaffney on February 14, 1873.

Abraham Lincoln and the Secret Service

In honor of Abraham Lincoln's Birthday. Did you know... Before going to Ford’s Theater, President Lincoln signed the legislation to establish the Secret Service Agency. He was shot that very night. However, even if the agency had been in place, it still would not have saved him, because the agency was originally founded to battle the widespread problem of currency counterfeiting. It was not until 1901 that they began protecting the Presidents.

The Man Behind the Teddy Bear

Today is national Teddy Day, so here's your Teddy Tidbit. :)  Did you know... President Roosevelt was a bear hunter. When one of his hunts was unsuccessful, his friends created a stuffed bear to cheer him up. It became a hit and is forever known as the "Teddy Bear."

Why I Write Christian Historical Fiction by Amber Schamel

Today I'm so excited to kick off the Celebrate Lit blog tour! We've got nine wonderful blog stops with a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. How exciting is that? To kick it all off, we're answering one of the most common questions that readers ask "Why do you write what you write?" Why Do I write Christian Historical Fiction? Many people have asked me why I chose to write the genre that I do, and it’s a fair question. Fiction has often been viewed as frivolous, even a waste of time by those of us that are more practical natured, but in reality, that is far from the truth. Isn’t it interesting that the #1 best seller of all time, the Bible, is primarily story? The Bible has 66 books, out of those, at least 23 are filled with stories of patriarchs, kings, and other characters including Jesus Himself. During His ministry on earth, Jesus used parables to teach the people. Hop on over to the Celebrate Lit blog to read the rest and enter to win t