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Author Interview with Joanne Otto

Today I would like to introduce you to an author friend of mine. Joanne is the author of two books, and one of my close writing buddies.   Welcome, Joanne! Tell us a little about yourself. As a lifelong student of the Bible, I’ve done extensive Bible research, taken numerous Bible courses, and had the privilege and the joy of taking four exciting tours of Bible lands. I’ve taught foreign languages and English, and more recently, as an academic language therapist, I’ve helped dyslexic children strengthen their reading and writing skills. I’m a music lover and amateur pianist and especially enjoy accompanying singers. Wow. That's quite a resume. How did you discover your calling to be a writer? In a word: gradually. As a youngster in school, I actually found creative writing assignments intimidating. Later I discovered that writing can be a wonderful way to think through an idea in greater depth, and I wrote some articles and a few poems. But when I made an attempt t

Cover Reveal: The Messiah's Sign - Volume II Days of Messiah Series

For those of you that missed it, on Thursday night we revealed the cover for my October release, The Messiah's Sign at the Helping Hands Press Thirsty Thursday party. I was thrilled that so many of my friends were there to celebrate with me! For the special occasion, we all partook in a Samoas Milkshake. Doesn't it look yummy?! Here's a link to the recipe. Well, you'll be happy to hear there's a fresh batch made up for today's blog post. NOT ONLY THAT, but we also have a giveaway! I'm running a rafflecopter giveaway for an autographed paperback of The Messiah's Sign when it becomes available in October!The giveaway runs through September 5th, and you can earn entries by tweeting/facebooking about the giveaway each day, so you have lots of entries you can earn! And now....Drumroll Please.... * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * Are you ready to see the cover? * ^

Samuel Adams the Beer Man?

"Oh, Sam Adams, isn't that the beer guy?" The next person that says that to me is likely to get a thorough tongue lashing from me! LOL Why? Thank goodness you asked!! :D Since 1985, Samuel Adams has been known as an alcoholic beverage more than a patriot. It doesn't help that the Sam Adams Lager website claims "Samuel Adams was a Boston firebrand, a revolutionary thinker who fought for independence. Most importantly, Samuel Adams, was also a brewer who had inherited a brewing tradition from his father." This is partly true, but not completely. Read the rest of this post on the Gelati Scoop. Discover Samuel Adams the Father of the Revolution in the Declaration of Independence Series! Right now only $.99 on Amazon! Volume II Samuel Adams Volume VI Samuel Adams - A Shot at Freedom

Trip to Steamboat Springs Colorado (with pictures!)

Coming over the mountain into the Steamboat Springs valley Last weekend, my family and I took a mini vacation to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Nestled in a lush valley surrounded by the majestic mountains, Steamboat has a great climate and rich history. This town was formed by rugged pioneers who had to put up with outlaws, mountain winters, and the fact that Steamboat is pretty far from any large city. While there, we visited with a couple of my good friends. I stopped to discuss the Declaration of Independence Series with Benjamin Franklin and he posed for a picture with my siblings and me. I also got to pose with Mark Twain. How cool is that? While in Steamboat, we visited the Tread of Pioneers museum. It was filled with interesting facts about the area, as well as the Victorian era. They also had an interesting display about the 10th Mountain Division during WWII which is a special division that was trained in the harsh mountain climate and was able to accomplish