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This Day in Christian History: May 30 Joan of Arc Burned

This Day in Christian History: May 30 May 30, 1431: Joan of Arc Burned at the Stake Born into a peasant family in north-east France, Joan was spiritual from a very young age. Joan testified that she saw her first vision at about age 13. She said she saw the Archangel Michael, who told her to drive out the English and aid Charles VII. She began to fulfill this commision around age 16. Being so young, it took some time to get the officials to take her seriously, but she succeeded and ended up joining the army on the battlefront. The extent of her involvement is debated, but the commanders believed that her advice was divinely inspired, and therefore would listen to her. Historians have to agree that the army experienced remarkable success during the brief time she accompanied it. Joan was captured and put on trial by the Catholic church as a heretic. One of the many charges brought against her was that of 'cross dressing' because she had disguised herself as a male s

This Day in Christian History: May 26 Happy Birthday William Hunter

This Day in Christian History: May 26 May 26, 1811: Birth of William Hunter William Hunter was born in Ireland on May 26th, 1811. His family moved to America when he was six years old. He went on to become a Bible scholar, professor, newspaper editor and hymn writer. He composed over 125 hymns, including The Great Physician Now is Near and I Feel Like Traveling On. On a side note, my publisher is having a big sale! You can now get all my books and audiobooks for 25% off! Details below. SPRING SUPER SALE!!! RIGHT now until June 18th everything in the Helping Hands Press Store is 25% OFF!!!!!! When you checkout, please put the code word SpringSuperSale into the coupon area to receive the discount. Everything is on sale in the HHP Store- ALL audiobooks, ebooks, paperbacks and all pre-sale titles . We will be adding in as many of our ebooks on a daily basis as we can, so please check back often. Here is the direct link to the Helping Hands Press Store: http://shop. myh

This Day in Christian History: May 25 Luther Proclaimed a Heretic

This Day in Christian History May 25, 1521: Martin Luther Proclaimed a Heretic Luther's Room at Wartburg Castle After Martin Luther's bold stand at the Diet of Worms in the previous month, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V pronounced Martin Luther an outlaw and heretic for refusing to recant his teachings and his rebellion against the Catholic church. The emperor decreed, "We want him to be apprehended and punished as a notorious heretic." This decree made it legal for anyone to kill Luther without consequence, and also made it dangerous for anyone to give him food or shelter. It was after this decree that Luther went into hiding at Wartburg Castle.

This Day in History: The Sack of Rome

This Day in History: May 6 May 6, 1527: The Sack of Rome Forty thousand mercenaries, hired by Cardinal Pompeo Colonna, sacked the city of Rome. They destroyed two-thirds of the houses, killing, wounding and exiling 45,000 people. They butchered clergy and laity alike, and forced Clement VII, disguised as a gardener, to flee for his life.  Read more about the Sack of Rome

This Day in Christian History: Scopes is Arrested for Teaching Evolution

This Day in Christian History: May 5 May 5,1925: Scopes is Arrested for Teaching Evolution Scopes in 1925 24 year old High school biology teacher John T. Scopes, was arrested on May 5, 1925 for teaching the theory of evolution in his Dayton, Tennessee classroom. His arrest is what would lead to the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial. According to Tennessee's Butler Act, it was against the law to teach human evolution in public schools. Whether or not Scopes had actually taught evolution in his classroom is debated, but he agreed to stand as a defendant to bring publicity to the town of Dayton, TN. More about the Scopes Trial